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Its A Jungle Out There                                                                                            Street art in Bushwick

Art Is Everywhere                                                                                                 And everyone is where art is. Open Studio Night in Chelsea  C24 Gallery

Sun Umbrella                                                                                                        At Bryant Park a sun umbrella lives up to it’s name

Three Artists                                                                                   Thompkins Square Park is a mecca for creative souls and when the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival is happening and the day is beautiful, as it was,  art blooms everywhere.                                                                                                         1. Sir Shadow, master of  Flowetry, his own word to describe his art, poetry,love. He is able to create artwork by utilizing a single continuous line drawing and in a matter of minutes a work of art appears. He’s been around a long time and he has a long list of achievements. He is a character unto himself. For more info check out his website for more on this unique artist                                                                                                                       2. In a completely different style artist Janet Restino also captures her vision of music and the artists that create it. She is multi talented and her art has expressed itself in sculpture,photography,painting, as well as the spoken word, song writing, singing, poetry and much more. Learn more about her at                     3. Trash Tara,” an iteration of the bodhisattva, Green Tara of enlgihtened activity” was in the process of collecting cigarette butts , part performance art, part material for an art project. The artist, Colleen Flanigan , a self described socio-ecological artist, has been involved in numerous projects worldwide, all with an underlying conservation theme. Learn more about her at                                                                                                                                                                                                           All of these artists have been featured on numerous websites, too many to address here, so just google their names for lots more info on who they are and what they do.                                             


Shadow Play                                                                                                       At the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival in Thompkins Square Park a pair of shadows swing dance along with the music. The shadow’s people can be seen in pic 3. Ernie aka The King, is 81, began dancing at age 14 and still dances a few times a week both for pleasure and with a dance group around the city. He recommended  Mondays at the Cotton Club where a 25 dollar cover sets you up for a full night of music and dance, his partner is also a regular at the various swing dance venues in the city. They are both beautiful, graceful and full of life. 

Art Is Everywhere                                                                                                   Seen on the base of a street light in Chelsea, NYC

Brooklyn Camouflage                                                                                            They can’t mess with your van if they can’t see it.  Seen? in Bushwick.

Art Is Everywhere                                                                                                 Even when it’s unintentional. The pipes and venting created a pleasing linear pattern and the oil stained wall could be seen as a statement about pollution and its invasiveness to the formerly sclean wall which could then be expanded to be a symbolic representation of the larger issues of pollution and it’s staining of our clean environment. Or it could be just a bunch of pipes on a wall. As is said it’s all in the eye of the beholder. 

A Unique Business Slogan                                                                                   Seen heading south in the Delaware area  on highway 95

No Junk Yard Dogs Here                                                                                     Recycle Yard Chickens. Seen at a bottle recycling yard in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Thank You Gift                                                                                                     While it may dip here and there, I reached 500 followers for the first time. I am grateful to all those who follow as well as those who come to visit and share a like or a reblog. Your interest and support is a part of what keeps me motivated to get out there and shoot just about every day and it always proves to be a rewarding experience in the things I see and the people I meet. So to thank you I’ve posted this pic in hi res 9.99 megs and 700 dpi so that anyone who wishes to is welcome to make a copy for their personal use. Please note this is for personal use only and not to be used for any commercial or for profit purposes. Regardless of whether you use the pic or not, thanks once again for your support, it is truly appreciated. 

It Looks Much Better When We’re Moving Fast                                                  Words spoken to me by one of the passing bike riders. There are groups of bike riders that wear these billowy ponchos and when they ride with some speed the ponchos fill up with air behind them. They are called Aeolian Riders, a world movement to create art and joy while bike riding  I dont know if it looks any better when they go faster but anything that has a goal of spreading joy cant be bad.

Sunflowers, Corn, and Windmills                                                                           Along a country road in Fayette county PA. These giant windmills are showing up everywhere across the world. An energy alternative with a low footprint except for its impact on the physical beauty of the surrounding area and when clustered en mass potential noise pollution from the blades. There are no easy solutions in finding the right ecological balances.

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Working The Land                                                                                                 A farmer  working his field. Seen in Lafayette county

Central Park                                                                                                           A bucolic moment at The Lake in Central Park

Central Park                                                                                                           A bucolic moment at The Lake in Central Park