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The Lily Pond                                                                                                      At Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Not great in size but great in beauty. This is one of the better landscaped gardens known for its magnificent cherry trees and its Japanese garden. This time of year its the waterlilies that take front stage as well as the lotus blossoms which have an other world quality to their look.

Lily Pond Dream                                                                                                    A surreal reflective blue envelops the lily pond and sky.

Getting Your Head Into It.                                                                                    This bee is truly putting himself into his job as he digs deep for the rich nutritious pollen of the sunflower.   Seen at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Art Is Everywhere                                                                                                Art, the Puerto Rican flag, a religious figure, an elephant clock and a horse all merge to form an abstraction unique to this home owners vision and beliefs. Seen in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Art Is Everywhere                                                                                                Hey, Its New York and even the dogs go to gallery showings.  Seen at the recent Chelsea Open Studios event.

Sila: The Breath Of The World                                                                                John Luther Adams composition inspired by the Inuit tradition, Sila representing the spirit of all things, took place outdoors and with the musicians and singers scattered throughout the Illumination Lawn, the Paul Milstein Pool and Terrace and the Barclay Capital Grove. The performance itself was very ethereal in its nature and the audience was encouraged to walk among the musicians (although not in the pool) to experience the piece from many perspectives and in a small way become a part of the experience. This was part of Lincoln Center Out Of Doors and was free as are many of the events here throughout the summer. 

Art Is Everywhere                                                                                                Group Picture taken by the U.S.S. Maine National Monument Group by Attilio Piccirilli further making the point that art IS everywhere!


Ready For My Close Up                                                                                       The human canvases are just about ready after hours of work by the artists. Just like a fabric canvas the models were prepped with a white coating similar to gesso and then the actual art work was applied.   Body Painting Etiquette: Should the artist need a body part moved during the painting process they inform the model who then moves things around as needed. Touching the model other than to paint is considered bad form.

Art Is Everywhere                                                                                     The Prep   It’s Art, the NYS courts say so. Artist Andy Golub, as a result of a previous law suit that he won, held the first annual Body Painting Day. NYC is the only city where this event could be held due to a law that states nudity, when part an artistic endeavor such as theater or art is legal. 40 models were body painted at the entrance to Central Park by Columbus Circle.  Once completed the group marched down to 42nd st for a photo op. Needless to say, even in NYC, this attracted a large crowd but to everyone’s credit and maturity a respectful one.

Central Park The Lake                                                                                          A glorious day to gaze out at The Lake and the Loeb Boat House lakeside restaurant.  Bethesda Fountain Circle offers prime seating to watch the rowboats drift by  and to enjoy a warm summer’s day.

Play Ball!!!!!                                                                                                            Feel like major league baseball has left you behind, high prices and poor player access? Well get yourself to a minor league game. The Staten Island Yankees are a short season A team and prices are very reasonable and player access for autographs and photos is great. Before the game walk to the dugout, shout out the players you like and pretty often they will come over and sign for you. There is a real small town feel to the games and between the innings there are often fun games and contests like the kiddie tug of war to keep the fans involved. Most games have a promotion of some sort and fan enthusiasm is high. The stadium here has an amazing view of the Hudson Harbor and lower Manhattan as well as the periodic passing of the Staten Island Ferry and other seafaring vessels. For those who came to the game from Manhattan there is the added bonus of a great ride back to the city with the skyline before you. Even this crew member, who has taken the trip a million times, still gets a kick out of the nighttime view. If you are fortunate to be near a minor league team going will reconnect you to the sport like nothing else.

Come Sail Away                                                                                                  At the Conservatory Water you can rent a radio controlled sailboat and be an instant ship’s captain. It’s an idyllic spot to sit and watch the world go by. Nearby is the famous Alice In Wonderland Statue which is always covered in young children climbing  and there is also a nice cafe area where you will frequently find musicians playing for your gracious donations.  


simplymyview - Ahhh, A Cool Drink Of Water                                                                                 A giraffe really savouring a cool, long drink of water.  Considering how they have to spread their front legs far enough apart to allow them to then bend down and dip their head low enough to actually get to the water, they are well entitled to enjoy their drink, they’ve earned it.  Seen at the Bronx Zoo

Roseate Spoonbill                                                                           Seen at Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge, the Spoonbill spreads it’s wings after having an early evening splash. Their color, just like flamingos, comes from the food they eat. 

Golden Waters                                                                                                        As the sun sets in Zion National Park, the cliffs along the river take on a golden glow that is then reflected in the river itself.