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Photos on anything and everything that catches my eye


Reflective Reality                                                                                                 An impressionist world is just a reflection away.  

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 

The NYC Waterfalls                                                                                             Created by artist Olafur Eliasson back in 2008, four waterfalls along the East River proved the point, if you can imagine it you can create it.

Blowin In The Wind                                                                                             Seen in a Bushwick backyard. The ultimate in recycling or an artistic statement?  You decide.

Art Is Everywhere                                                                                                    Nature creates form and art everywhere, you just have to open yourself up to seeing it.

Identity Crisis                                                                                                        This giraffe seems to think its an ostrich with it’s head in the sand. Fortunately it soon recovered and was standing tall just moments latter.

The Long And The Long Of It                                                                                 At the Bronx Zoo this giraffe poses for its portrait

Coney Island  2                                                                                                     Coney Island is not just about the rides it about the people. Young, Old,of every color„style, belief, all having a great time and being themselves. You will never be bored walking the boardwalk and not just watching the show but being a part of it.

1 . Roller Derby Girls before 2. and after  3 the parrot guy, glam gal and friends, 4.tightrope walker on the beach with family, 5. and the faces of joy, excitement, dread, fear, and laughter all for the price of one ride on the Cyclone.

Coney Island  1                                                                                                      Iconic Coney Island continues to evolve and yet remain the same. New rides push the limits, even just watching them can make you woozy and old rides like the Wonder Wheel keep old school traditions alive. On Saturdays after the Cyclones baseball game ends the crowds are treated to a fireworks display.

The Great Hall                                                                                                     Brooklyn Museum one of the most diverse museums in the city and with one of the better collections of Egyptian artifacts. Target first Saturdays are a NY tradition with free admission and entertainment all for free. They are especially geared to the avant garde  and urban art movements and are well integrated into the Brooklyn neighborhoods they serve.

Big Sky and Big Mountains                                                                                  Death Valley, a multitude of terrains. Each uniquely different from the next. 

Big Sky and Big Mountains                                                                                  Death Valley, a multitude of terrains. Each uniquely different from the next. 

Backyard Cat                                                                                                      Seen in a Bushwick home backyard. Although there was a fence between us this cat was taking no chances and kept it’s eyes on me until I moved on.

Hats! Hats! Hats!                                                                                                It’s summer and here are the hats to prove it. A window full of summertime hat wear speaks to the fun times ahead.


West Village musician sharing his music with passersby

Golden Light On The Hillside                                                                                A hillside bathed in golden light and mist. In the Tuscany region where the light is truly magical

Cat On A Hot Tile Roof                                                                                       Another cat in Florence, Italy just hanging out on the rooftop. This seems to be a favorite activity of cats in Italy as it’s not an infrequent sight.